Ice cream cone with blue ice cream. Image from Atlas ObscureClarion West offers online classes. (Thanks to File 770.)

On Mary Robinette Kowal’s blog, R.W.W. Greene talks about celebrity names and other things from her new dystopian novel Twenty Five to Life.

On his blog, John Scalzi notes that adaptations from his work Love, Death and Robots won juried Emmys.

This is not really an article, it’s more of a text trailer, but Eli Lee’s new speculative fiction novel uses food as a way to cement a sense of a different world.

Consequences as a storytelling engine? At File 770, Robert Repino discusses the consequences of good actions characters take. (It’s a good article but my favorite part is him intoning “Consequences” at the bar with his friends after seeing John Wick III.)

The Mary Sue compiled some of their favorite fantasy movies.

At Black Girl Nerds, Cassondra Feltus reviews the new Candyman movie.

Lily Wachowski explains why she wasn’t part of Matrix: Resurrections.

This short piece from Collider discusses the Matrix trailer, which has not been released to the public yet.

Cover, Twenty Five to Life

Cover, Twenty Five to Life

San Diego plans to open a Comic-Con museum in November of this year

From McSweeney’s, what if H.P. Lovecraft was a food critic at Olive Garden? Warning; wait one hour after eating before reading this article.

Also from Black Girl Nerds, Javicia Leslie talks about her season as the CW’s Batwoman.

Wind power now makes up as much as 10% of the USA’s power generation grid.

The newest version of Windows, Windows 11, will not automatically install on any computer more than three or four years old. (It can be manually installed.) Microsoft says it’s mostly about security.

If you’re looking for a late-summer culinary mystery, Atlas Obscura has one for you: what are the ingredients of the American Midwest’s beloved Blue Moon ice cream?


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