Cover of No Gods For Drowning by Piper Hailey. blue background, white lettering and a compass roseRest in peace, Angela Lansbury, who passed away October 11, 2022 at the age of 96.

In honor of the season, Fangoria gives a critique of the Ray Bradbury classic Something Wicked This Way Comes.

Melanie Walsh is a scientist, used to working with data, and like many of us, she discovered just how difficult it is to find the answer to a simple question; how many copies of a certain book have been sold?

This little video mocks every folk horror film ever made. Depending upon how your colleagues feel about folk art/modern art, may be NSFW.

I hesitate to share fund solicitation, but those of you on Twitter probably know what the Thomas family has gone through in the past year, as daughter Caitlin’s condition steadily worsened. For those of you who wish to, this is the GoFundMe site to help them meet the growing expenses, and lessen one burden for the family at least.

The 2022 Harvey Award winners, for excellence in comics were announced last week.

Instead of six books, Nerds of a Feather interview Aidan Moher about six games. provides a list of fall new releases.

The newest DC comic-book-based movie, Black Adam, appears in theaters on October 21. Here is an article about it from July in Den of Geek. I didn’t know anything about this character except Dwayne Johnson played him and he can fly. I still don’t know much. It seems kind of like the DC version of The Eternals.

Finally, your annual pumpkin-carving video. She recommends rinsing the carved pumpkin in a disinfectant solution. Does anyone do this?