Sunrise over the Philippine Sea, courtesy of NASA

Sunrise over the Philippine Sea, courtesy of NASA

This week’s word for Wednesday: Resistentialism is the belief that inanimate objects can hold (and express) malice toward humans. Well, admit it,  you’ve thought that about a few objects, haven’t you?

I suspect this is fake news, but I hope not, because it’s so cute. A sheepdog puppy proudly herded nine sheep into its human’s house. Because, c’mon, the gate was open!


Colson Whitehead won the Zora Neale Thurston/Richard Wright Foundation award for The Underground Railroad.

File 770 delivers a pithy public service announcement about Hugo-vote eligibility in 2018. The new deadline is December 31. If you purchased a membership for WorldCon45 (Helsinki) you are already eligible to vote.


World Fantasy Con 2019 will be held in Los Angeles. The theme will be “fantasy noir.”

Books and Writing:

Satellite Photo of water on south Cape, South Africa, courtesy of NASA

Satellite Photo of water on south Cape, South Africa, courtesy of NASA

Navah Wolfe is the new senior editor at Saga Press.

I found this interview with David Brin thought-provoking, and I love the model of the “pyramid” and the “diamond.” I rolled my eyes and ground my teeth several times too. Food for thought. Try to read through the tone for the content, that’s my suggestion.

IO9 reports that Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis will be leaving Marvel to write for DC. This sent a shock wave through the comics community.

Terry Weyna’s huband, Fred White, has a poem in the latest issue of Analog. (This may be behind a paywall.) The least I can do it try to share it.

Nnedi Okorafor gave a TED talk on SF stories that imagine African futures. You can watch it here.

There is a partial feud between two Lovecraftians. Brian Keene is a horror writer and podcaster who admires H.P Lovecraft’s but does not admire the man. S.T. Joshi is a critic and academic who doesn’t like Brian Keene. Let’s get ready to rumble!

The Humble Bundle has some nice offerings.  It’s good for one more week.

Lynn Buckley talks about designing book covers for Penguin Random House.


Ars Technica reports on the annual convention held in Essen, Germany.

Movies and TV:

According to Box Office Mojo, Thor: Ragnarok grossed $121 million in its opening.

Warning, spoilers!  This article talks about director Taiki Waititi’s Easter eggs in Thor: Ragnarok, and why the humor might have seemed a little bit different.

And more spoilers: AV Club reviews a Supergirl episode in which a beloved couple on the show go separate ways.

Black Girl Nerds interviewed Amy Acker and Stephen Moyer on their characters from Fox’s Marvel mutant fantasy The Gifted.


You can name a Kuiper Belt object! New Horizons will visit this interesting piece of rock in January, 2019. Before then, folks want to give it a nickname (it just feels more homey). You have until December 1, 2017 to submit your choices.

Maine colors from space, with Mt. Katahdin, courtesy of NASA.

Maine colors from space, with Mt. Katahdin, courtesy of NASA.


Middleway, in West Virginia, is the site of a very strange haunting story and a fine piece of Catholic propaganda.  Enjoy.

This carved stone found in the “Griffin’s Tomb” in Greece, dates from the Bronze Age, but shows a level detail and knowledge of human anatomy that previously hadn’t been seen until the Greek classical age.




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