Against a summer sky, fireflies look like comets; a windmill in lower right, a true comet in lower left. Image by Radin SchrieberNeil Clarke, publisher and editor of Clarkesworld, is developing a Statement of Beliefs around the use of AI and LLMs in the world of writing. Here are his thoughts.

I’m sure it’s been at least a couple of weeks since I’ve published someone Best Of Something list, so here’s one; the 100 “best children’s books.”

Variety takes a moment to break down the costuming of Andor.

Karen Gillan “smuggled” her iPad into filming of GOTG3 and created an “unfiltered” behind-the-scenes video. More like cinema verite and less like the polished short features Marvel prefers, it looks pretty fun. She warns about spoilers at the top of each section.

Do you sometimes root for the villain? Then you might want to check out this article by James Davis Nicholl, “Five Surprisingly Sympathetically Supervillains.”

Ars Technica likes the Lenovo Thinkpad best among the new generation of laptops.

John Scalzi was presented with the Heinlein Award last weekend at BaltiCon. He provides a picture and an update of the convention on his blog.

Knopf has purchased rights to a novel Gabriel Garcia Marquez wrote before he died, but never published.

Radim Schreiber tells us about his love for Iowa, and photographing fireflies.


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