Large rusted megaphone bolted to desert rocks, blue sky in background. Image by The Greater Southwestern Exploration CompanyHow about eight speculative fiction works written in verse?’s got you covered.

At the same site, Cole Rush argues that cats are basically dragons with fur. Does he make his case?

Patti Lupone does not boast an encyclopedic knowledge of the Marvel Universe(s) even though she is joining the MCU in a spin-off of WandaVision.

Amber Morrell discusses her new middle grade fantasy The Alchemy of Letting Go at Mary Robinette Kowal’s blog.

There is a large scrap metal megaphone mounted on a hill in the Mojave Desert, and Atlas Obscura wants to be sure you know about it.

In southern California, a former oil refinery has retooled to generate hydrogen-based airplane fuel. This is from the state governor’s page and he is touting it as part of his multi-year energy policy. For those of you who want a deep dive, I’ve included the proposal submitted to the county in 2022.

The risk of bad actors taking over your phone if you use a public charging station is apparently not as high as news outlets and law enforcement agencies would make you think.