The TARIDS against a star field. Image from Giant Freakin Robot. Cora Buhlert shares her thoughts on the Nebula winners. Like me, she hasn’t read many of them. Unlike me, she’s probably going to.

The universe might be bigger on the inside.

There is a Dyson Sphere science fiction writing contest, hosted by the SciFiIdea Writing Center of Singapore. The deadline for submissions is August 31. The word count is 30,000 to 100,000. Yes, that’s what it says. Read the part about publication rights carefully. (Thanks to File770.)

Writer Beware shares another scam, this one connected to marketing your book.

A former editor of Publishers Weekly writes about the dangers of book-banning. He believes it is the worst now it has ever been in the USA.

Our next destination vacation spot? Ars Technica introduces the latest exo-planet, which might be earth-like, kinda.

Those of you who’ve been searching for a cozy-mystery-shapeshifter-urban-fantasy trilogy, check out this review.

Scott Fulford writes that the pandemic years resulted in better financial outcomes for many households in the USA. Over on Whatever, he introduces this theme, the main one of his new book The Pandemic Paradox. What do you think?

Have you ever made a call, all the while hoping the person you’re calling won’t answer? Brandon Crilly talks about this experience in his “Favorite Bit” of his new novel Catalyst, on Mary Robinelle Kowal’s blog.

I met Carlie St. George a couple of weeks ago, and had to check out her short fiction. If you like dark elegiac horror with a generous shot of horror-movie homage, check out her work.


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