Charlie Jane Anders

Charlie Jane Anders

The Speculative Literature Foundation is launching a Convention Support Grant, to help conventions get back on their feet as pandemic measures ease. (Thanks to File 770.)

Hugh Howey is initiating a self-publishing contest similar in structure to Mark Lawrence’s Self-Publishing Blog-Off. Ten book bloggers will review up to 300 self-published SF novels. At the end of a year, a winner will be chosen from among the finalists.

Alexandra Petri knocks it out of the park for her Washington Post column, a post pandemic horror-satire (or is it?).

For Polygon, Charlie Jane Anders shares her opinion of creating non-human races, and world-building.

Polygon shares summer releases. The Mary Sue focuses on audiobooks. (Kat will be pleased!)

Meet, or meet again, five queens of the Gothic. (They’re not literal queens.)

A Scene from the Black Widow film, Courtesy of IMDB

A Scene from the Black Widow Film, Courtesy of IMDB

More from Publishers Weekly on the US Book Show.

Will there ever be a John Stewart Green Lantern movie? This article doesn’t know either, but it’s still interesting.

Screenrant also shares a clip and some thoughts about the upcoming Black Widow movie.

Who knew that 17th century spycraft involved intricate knowledge of how to “refold” a letter after it had been read? A fascinating article on “letterlocking.”

Ars Technica labels Demeo the best virtual reality D&D clone game every created.