Sunflowers, the National Flower of Ukraine. Image from Eden Brothers SeedsA VERY short column this week.

In 1925, a group of women explorers founded the Society of Women Geographers, after two of them were denied admission to the Explorers Club because they were women.

File 770 shared a link to the 10 best Science Fiction board games.

The 1632 universe is celebrating the 100th issue of The Grantville Gazette.

Nerds of a Feather reviews Spelunking Through Hell, Seanan McGuire’s eleventh (and final?) Incryptid novel.

The Mary Sue includes an article about the choreography of the Bollywood number in The Eternals.

The Ars Technica reviewer liked the new Batman movie, while still acknowledging its flaws.

The Today Show verified the following charities as reputable ones for people wishing to send financial aid to Ukraine.

This is awkward! After all, we use stars. This columnist makes good points about why a rating system (such as 1 thru 5 stars) doesn’t work, at least for her. And I like her points.

In case you’ve forgotten Bardcore, here is a restful instrumental of Encanto’s breakout hit, We Don’t Talk About Bruno.