Cover for Pirate Stew, forthcoming from Neil Gaiman

Cover for Pirate Stew, forthcoming from Neil Gaiman

Books and Writing:

The Catholic Culture site devoted a 1hour 40 minute podcast to Gene Wolfe, Catholic Sci-Fi Legend (Sci-Fi is their term, not mine). I’m posting this link having only read the outline and listened to a minute or two of it. Fascinating topic, though.

A positive story: DreamHaven, a comic book store that was vandalized during the protests and social unrest, has replaced its glass door and “really looks open” now! (Thanks  to File770.)

Camestros Felapton offers a detailed and slightly wonky analysis about the Hugos, who wins them, how many they win and more interestingly, why they stop winning them.

David Engstrom talks about his favorite bit in Corporate Gunslinger, on Mary Robinette Kowal’s blog.

The UK Guardian highlights Neil Gaiman’s upcoming children’s book, Pirate Stew, written with Chris Riddell, which sounds like an indirect sequel to Fortunately The Milk.


As many of you knew, 2020 WorldCon will be virtual.


Brainpickings is offering vintage space image face masks for sale.

J.K. Rowling has expressed strong opinions about trans people, especially trans women, recently. Fallout continues, as several writers who are represented by the same agency as she is have withdrawn from that agency.

Apple TV+ has dropped a trailer for Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series.


The Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes Team in Britain has discovered (uncovered?) a series of deep holes around Stonehenge. They are described as “most of a circle” but really, to me, they look like a pair of parentheses.

Space (Well, the ionosphere):

The Economist shares an article detailing how ripples in the ionosphere help scientists hundreds of miles away detect earthquakes and explosions. You may have to sign in the read the entire article.


Enjoy this introduction to the Tower of London Ravens.

Hem sings Pacific Street. This has absolutely no genre relation. I just like it.


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