Poster for Black Panther II, Image from Marca.Next week, August 3, will be a single-topic column.

Jordan Peele’s adult horror movie Nope opened to $44 million at the box office.

Marvel revealed the first Wakanda Forever trailer at San Diego Comic-Con.

Jenny Hamilton reviews Half a Soul by Olivia Atwater at

The site also shares upcoming August releases.

File770 interviews Nicole Michell, a jazz musician and composer who has created a suite of works inspired by Octavia Butler’s XENOGENESIS TRILOGY.

Oops! The San Diego Comic-Con souvenir booklet had the photo of a living Joe Haldeman in the memorial for Ron Goulart. This led File 770 to review various other occasions when this has happened.

Dream Haven Books and Comics, in Minneapolis, is painting a mural on one of their outer walls, and a fan provided photos on Facebook.

Here is one obituary for British actor David Warner, who died on July 24. Warner was a staple of speculative fiction films and series. I’ll miss his crinkly eye-wrinkles and his wonderful voice.

Syfy, which has about zero original programming right now, is running marathons of old SF shows and calling it Flashback Friday. Currently, they are rerunning their own fun and quirky steampunk-ish series Warehouse 13. This video will show you how to make their communication device, a Farnsworth, something you will never need or use. Please enjoy the young man’s bored, faintly superior delivery.

T-Mobile has agreed to pay a sizeable settlement to customers after a huge data breach. A judge has to approve it.