Cover of Eric Flint's 1812: Rivers of WarEven if you’re not a Jane Austen fan, you might enjoy this acerbic (and perceptive) review of the new Netflix adaptation of Persuasion. On the other hand, The Mary Sue speaks for the defense.

No, you haven’t seen enough images from the James Webb Space Telescope yet, so here are some more.

R.L. Stein is considered the founding father of kids’ horror, and GOOSEBUMPS turns 30 this year. The writer considers the legacy of the series.

Eric Flint passed away earlier this month. The writer was well-known for his shared 1632 universe.

Union organizing drives are expanding, and succeeding in some interesting places. The New York Times examines the movement.

If you like puns (paging Bill, paging Sandy) you’ll enjoy these two articles from the Washington Post, featuring feghoots;(including some the judges didn’t get.)

Over at Leah Schnelbach spends a long time meditating on whether Thor: Love and Thunder is a movie exploring the function of spiritual faith. I have faith that the movie is doing well at the box office.

Orbit announces a Megan O’Keefe trilogy forthcoming.

The Last Mechanical Monster, from Eisner-award-winning author Brian Fies is available for pre-order.

Baen Books lists its July releases.

Two companies announced they are working together to launch the first commercial expedition to Mars.

Texas, who invited cryptominers to their state and who are proud of their unregulated approach to almost everything (exceptions: voting rights, women’s rights), is considering restricting cryptomining along with other energy-conserving steps due to the strain on their energy grid.

This excerpt from an upcoming oral history on San Diego Comic-Con has some nice insights.

Briana Lawrence’s issues with the Netflix adaptation of Resident Evil aren’t what you think.


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