Vampire Claudia (actor Bailey Bass); Interview With The Vampire. Image from EW MagazineThe Academy Awards nominees were announced on Sunday.

John Scalzi was awarded the Heinlein Award.

The finalists for the Bram Stoker Award have been announced. Oh, I just realized. Award Season has been declared Open.

The Roger Ebert website reviews AMC’s serialization of Anne Rice’s Interview With the Vampire. Jacob Anderson brings to undead life the brooding Louis. Here’s an interview with him. Eric Bogosian plays an older, wiser and more bitter Daniel Molloy, and here’s an interview with him. Since I immediately thought Bogosian was playing Molloy as “Anthony Bourdain” I was pleased to see that question in this interview. Bailey Bass, pictured above, plays Claudia.

Adventures in Fiction offers us a profile of A. Merritt, cited as an influence for Gary Gygax among others. (Thanks to File 770.)

Poker Face, about a woman who solves murders because she can tell when people are lying, premieres on Peacock tomorrow. Is it science fiction? Is the main character a superhero? IO9 went to show runner Rian Johnson for the definitive answer.

Baen Books’s home page lists new releases for this month.

You all can admit it, you’ve been waited for to do “The 5 Favorite Cats of Fantasy” and here they are.

I’ve been avoiding most of the still-bubbling Twitter issues, but Ars Technica posted about Musk’s failure to pay rent. Excuse me, alleged failure to pay rent. (Don’t non-billionaires get evicted when this happens?)

Ars Technica also covers changes in the Electric Vehicle Polestar as the result of a tech refresh.


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