Pallas cat face staring out from between rocks. Image by StockPhoto

From last year, here is an article for the feline that may have been the inspiration for Grumpy Cat—the Pallas’s, or Pallas cat, indigenous to the Central Asian Steppes.

Malice Domestic announced the finalists for the Agatha Christie Awards this year. The award recognizes excellence in contemporary “traditional” mysteries, or what I might call, from their description, “cozies.” (I love that one of the finalists is titled The Finalist.)

The Library of America announces an April release of a collection of Ursula LeGuin’s poetry, edited by Harold Bloom. I don’t know how I feel about that, but Bloom certainly was well-read up to a point. (Thanks to File 770.)

Who knew? I didn’t. The iconic curlicued typeface that graced the paperback covers of Dune and the sequels is called Davison Art Nouveau. Did you know there is a website devoted to fonts, called Fonts in Use? I didn’t know that either.

Michael Murphy Burton takes us on a short tour of author websites. What do you think?

This article is about technology and avoiding plot-derailment is aimed more at writers or game developers than readers, but it’s interesting. What do you think?

Do you all know about Neon Hemlock’s novellas? In case you don’t, here is a link to their Books page.

Nerds of a Feather asks Ryan Marshal Maresca about six books.