A highway at twilight. A large neon sign shows in far left. along the roadside are several evergreen trees, decorated for the inter holidays. In the background stands an oak tree. Image From California Photography, FB.With the IndieInk Awards, independent presses are trying to start formal recognition of indie works.

Mark Shepherd, best known as “Crowley” on Supernatural, reports he survived a “widowmaker” event that involved six heart attacks. The actor, who also appeared on Doctor Who and in a recurring role on Warehouse 13, is 56 years old.

Caution; Wide Load. A section of the Antarctic ice shelf, roughly the size of the island of Oahu, broke off and is now headed for the open ocean, NPR reports.

Mermaids in the Desert? This looks worth a read.

John Scalzi is recommending December “comfort watches” this month on his blog. Here, he reintroduces While You Were Sleeping, starring Sandra Bullock. He almost convinces me to watch it.

Like me, you’ve been yearning for another Godzilla/King Kong rematch. (Okay, maybe that was a little sarcastic.) Here it is, though!

The image of Placeville, CA, with the holiday trees along Highway 50, comes from a Facebook Account called California Phoography.


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