In a snowy woods, the setting sun casts horizontal rays of golden light. Photo by Marina Zezelina.File 770 reports that Galaxy Magazine will be relaunched by Starship Sloane Publishing.

The year has flown and we are already to the “Best of…” season. Here’s the Guardian’s take on the best fiction in the speculative genres for 2023. (Sorry about the pledge break in the middle—I don’t think it’s a paywall.)

Investing Magazine… (Yes, I do know how weird that is!)… has an article about famous, and expensive, movie cars. A couple of these go for under $100,000! A virtual steal!

Charlie Jane Anders, who is a Mac user, offers a clean and simple way to protect you and your soul from the constant barrage of negativity and doom while you are supposed to be working.

Tomorrow is winter solstice in the northern hemisphere (it’s summer solstice in the southern). Farmers’ Almanac has some tidbits for you about the day. offers a warming, hearty and easy-to-make soup for the day. And here’s some (spikeable) wassail to go along with it—and which glides easily into the other winter holidays, from gives us highlight about Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, an upcoming movie set, not years after the end of the most recent Apes trilogy, but centuries.

Also at, Charlie Jane Anders muses on male role models in genre, and shares twelve.

This is a skimpy column, and next week I may be on hiatus. If not, next week’s short column will be single-topic. Happy holidays to everyone who celebrates—to everyone, stay healthy, warm, safe and happy.


  • Marion Deeds

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