Field of yellow sundflowers, green foliage in foregroundFile 770 posted its Filers locations and meet-ups during ChiCon8, which is this year’s WorldCon.

Casey Fiesler posted a thoughtful article about the internet and privacy. No innovations or new revelations here, just a considered look at fanfiction, emotional support and unintended consequences.

Vanity publishers are still around and still predatory, as this column in LitHub attests.

Thanks to File 770 for this article about Robby, the Security Robot, at a Portland, Oregon, hotel.

Nerds of a Feather’s Joe and Ari discuss some of this year’s Hugo and Hugo-adjacent nominations. shares an excerpt from Blood Debts by Terry J.Benton-Walker.

What can we do about the zealous minority determined to ban books and limit our free speech? Well, if you’re a librarian in a newly zoned district in Ohio, you decide to run for office.

The cat who is featured in Hocus Pocus Two will not speak, according to this Entertainment Weekly article. Shocking, I know.

EW also shares what’s happening in television this week, much of it speculative fiction content.

Mississippi’s capital city struggles as its water system fails again.

Europe’s extreme dry stretch has uncovered a set of standing stones in Spain for the second time in three years. The site is pretty interesting!

Duckduckgo offers its users a genuinely helpful way to deal with spam email.

The Webb telescope provides evidence of carbon dioxide on exoplanet WASP-39B.

Sunflowers are experiencing a superbloom in North Dakota.



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