The Once and Future Witches Kindle Edition by Alix E. Harrow Tonight is one of the best nights to see the Perseid meteor shower.


Fiyah Literary Magazine has announced a new award, IGYNITE, as part of their online conference scheduled for October. (Thanks to Skye Walker for letting me know about this item!) Fiyah is revitalizing the SFF field in so many ways.

The Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association has announced the candidates for this year’s Aurora Award. (Thanks to Skye for this link too.)


I should have seen this coming; ConTamination is an online con devoted to using speculative fiction to explore our future in a post Covid-19 world. And there’s a link to the volunteer form if you are interested. (Thanks to File 770.)

Books and Writing:

Let’s talk canon, and not the 1812 Overture kind. Post-Hugos, the issue of canon came up again. Is it important? Why does anyone need to read it? What even is it? John Scalzi weighed in, and so did Camestros Felapton.

Let’s start planning for those 2021 Hugos, by the way. To help us do that, here’s a list of possible series for nomination in the Best Series category.

Young people can build their resiliency by reading science fiction. (Thanks to Kat for this link.)

You probably all know that Alix E. Harrow has her second novel coming out in November. This interview is from early in the year and addresses her debut novel as well, but there are some tasty tidbits about The Once and Future Witches.

The UK Guardian has a nice review of Jeanette Ng’s novel The Pendulum Sun.

TV, Movies and Streaming Content:

Here’s a cute story about Robert Pattinson and his Batman audition.

Syfy Wire provides a (spoilery) group interview with the cast of The Umbrella Academy, about Season Two and the finale.

According to Deadline, Paramount film chief Emma Watts is looking hard at the Star Trek franchise with an eye to rebooting (again) a lucrative franchise. (Note: “Deadline” is well-named; stories go up fast but they are clearly not edited.)

I certainly never thought Christopher Eccleston would play the Ninth Doctor in Doctor Who ever again, but here he is, in a set of audio plays. At the end of the article there’s a link for ordering them.

The Internet:

Ars Technica has gathered up a group of interesting podcasts that usually run less than half an hour per episode. (Note: Check out Purrcast. It is exactly what the name implies.)

Did you love Leia Organa’s lightsaber? Did you want to know a little more about it? Now is your chance.

And finally, more meteors:


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