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Shadow and Bone Cover, image from Book Smugglers.

Shadow and Bone Cover, image from Book Smugglers.

Here are seven author-owned bookstores. This article is about an early woman-owned bookstore in New York. The place must have been wonderfully bohemian.

The Last Dangerous Visions anthology will open to submissions for ONE DAY ONLY on April 30, 2021.Please note they are accepting ONE story. Here is some submission info. The post includes a “release form,” which I’ve never seen before. I didn’t real the whole thing—the first part simply seems to be the author affirming that it’s original work.

Disney is moving back into book publishing with the launch of Hyperion Avenue. It’s nice to see women heading the biz, at least.

Also from Publishers Weekly, here are the highlights of the week’s Bestseller lists. The full lists seem to be behind a paywall.

Sarah A Hoyt will write for the new comic Barbarella, which is based on the (clears throat) classic 1968 Jane Fonda movie, which was based on a comic book.

Preparing for the Netflix show, Book Smugglers re-reads Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo.

This has nothing to do with anything, but it’s pretty amusing, as Wheezy Writer takes us on his journey of self-discovery, using bullet journaling.


On Mars, MOXIE produced oxygen! Ingenuity made its third flight. It’s sending home pics.

NASA’s plans for space travel are bolder than they used to be.

Movies, TV, Streaming:

Here’s a cute story about Ben Barnes in Shadow and Bone.


This new BBC podcast about a heist sounds intriguing.

A controversial hire exits Google.

There Can Be Only One… Josh. This was the premise of last week’s Josh Fight in Nebraska. The winner is four years old. One year ago, a man named Josh challenged Joshes everywhere to meet and fight. Armed with pool noodles, many did so, and the Chosen One emerged.