Gray Dorcopsis, courtesy of wikipedia

Gray dorcopsis, mage courtesy of Wikipedia

Books and Writing:

It looks like a good Hugo year. File 770 shares where to find works at no cost.

This very long article ranks portrayals of Sherlock Holmes, (after a lengthy description of the criteria and the screening out of various people.) Enjoy.

Speaking of Holmes (kinda) File 770 was one of the stops on the Adler blog tour. Adler is a graphic novel collaboration between Lavie Tidhar and Paul McCaffery, featuring Holmes’s female adversary Irene Adler.

Jeanette Ng wants a more thoughtful and expansive approach to critique of problematic literary works. It’s Item 1.

What do you think about this 2022 release?

Genre new releases for April!

File770 reports that after a two-month hiatus, the Baen’s Bar forum is back open, with no changes. Editor in Chief Toni Weiskopf doesn’t see anything wrong with the posts that were discussed by another writer back in February.

Released in January, Fable is your one-stop book club source; it features hosted book clubs, an in-app ebook reader, and social media-style commenting. Sounds overwhelming to me, but some folks might like it.

Streaming, Film, TV:

Warning, spoilers: Emily Andras talks to Deadline about the series finale of Wynonna Earp.

Over on, Keith R.A. Decandido brings us up to date on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Probably spoilers.

The Lovers by Leona Carrington

The Lovers by Leona Carrington


Did archeologists find the city of Luxor? (At first glance I thought they meant the casino.)

The Paris Review has an article on the newly discovered Leona Carrington Tarot deck. (h/t to Terry Weyna.)

This cheaper (and maybe more effective) vaccine has a long way to go, but it offers hope during the pandemic. This type of vaccine doesn’t require extreme cold, and is easier to mass manufacture.

On his blog, John Scalzi frequently posts about writing, or updates on his own works. He also shares pictures of landscapes, family, and pets. And last week, he posted about… this.

File770 provides a charming memoir of a Jeopardy contestant’s experience.

I learned about this animal last week, so now you will to. The gray dorcopsis, a marsupial native to New Guinea, is also called the forest wallaby.


Ingenuity’s first test-flight on Mars was postponed until today. UPDATE: It’s delayed again while they install a software patch.


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