Our word for Wednesday is a phrase. “The Halibut Gamble” is how I feel every time I cook it, but it’s also the opening move in a chess match.

Trinity College Library, Dublin, Ireland

Trinity College Library, Dublin, Ireland

Books and Writing:

George RR Martin shares his moment as “Cover Boy” of the Chinese version of Esquire.

Check out our New Releases list. What do you see that intrigues you?

It’s National Library Week!

Charles Soule writes about the future, the nature of prediction and his new novel The Oracle Year on The Big Idea.

LitHub provides a melancholy but nice account of the creation of The Little Prince.

The Plot Roulette site is a bit more complex than the Pitch Generator and a lot of fun.

TV and Movies:

At Tor.com, Mike Livingston reviews an older Nicholas Cage-Hayden Christiansen movie with a faux-medieval, faux-Crusader storyline. The movie sounds terrible. The review is brilliant.

Lehigh University Library, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Lehigh University Library, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Here is a spoilerish article about another Syfy show, The Expanse, which returns for Season Three tonight! What can we expect in Season Three? The Nerdist offers up six questions.

Rachel Keller talks with Syfy FanGrrls about the evolution of her character Syd on FX’s trippy Marvel-based series Legion.


Why did Neanderthals look different from us? Why did they have such big noses? It was so they could be better breathers than H. sapiens, a new theory proposes. Gizmodo has the deets.

Ars Technica shares a preview of a new navigation system that does not require a smart phone upgrade.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium shares some good news and some surprising news about North American sea otters.


Oh, look! An article about ravens! What a surprise that I included it. Much like humans, ravens apparently engage in baby-talk with their mates, although this pleasant article refers to it as “comfort sounds.”




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