WWWednesday: April 24, 2013

fantasy and science fiction book reviewsFree YA audio books to listen to this summer including The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater, Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers, and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll.

A great video discussing the controversy surrounding Orson Scott Card and the reaction to him writing Superman comics. Basically, does it matter if the artist creating something you like is “a dick”?

Rachel Rostad’s slam poem “To JK Rowling, from Cho Chang,” discussing tokenism in the Harry Potter books. Also check out the follow-up video where she answers some of the criticisms of the original poem. Warning: language.

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RUTH ARNELL (on FanLit's staff January 2009 — August 2013) earned a Ph.D. in political science and is a college professor in Idaho. From a young age she has maxed out her library card the way some people do credit cards. Ruth started reading fantasy with A Wrinkle in Time and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe — books that still occupy an honored spot on her bookshelf today. Ruth and her husband have a young son, but their house is actually presided over by a flame-point Siamese who answers, sometimes, to the name of Griffon.

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  1. Each summer I get several great audiobooks from the SYNC program.

  2. Sarah /

    The Sync program has some great stuff listed.

    As for the Orson Scott Card thing, I think this is why I don’t like to know a whole lot about an author/actor/artists personal life/opinions because then it taints the books or performance. I hate when something I have loved is then ruined by the person who created it being stupid because that does affect how I feel about the work from there on. But then I think, do I really want to support someone who is a jerk by purchasing what they are selling.

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