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1) I’ll have the e-lobster for $9.99: Publishers, next time meet at Denny’s because those fancy restaurants look really suspicious and now you’re being sued for price-fixing. Readers, you can peruse the antitrust civil suit here (opens a pdf). Discussions of elicit meetings at fancy restaurants begins on page 13.Civil antitrust action against publishers

2) Microsoft invests in Nook: As reading habits change, brick and mortar stores gradually decline, and the various e-readers and tablets continue to battle for supremacy, Microsoft’s interest in Barnes & Noble will help keep them afloat.

3) Phoenix Pick needs readers’ help to start a new SF shared world series: Mike Resnick will write the first book if this project is adequately funded. Cool incentives for investors. You could name a character! (I’d like to name the villain after one of my high school math teachers.)

4) Speaking of Phoenix Pick, here’s their free e-book for May: It’s The Messiah Choice by Jack L. Chalker. “Sir Robert McKenzie, owner of the Magellan Corporation, dies suddenly in a mysterious and grisly way. His daughter may be next, for a Satanic cult is determined to herald the arrival of the apocalypse. Greg MacDonald unravels the mystery of the cult, run by scientists with a distorted sense of duty and a computer that may be the Antichrist itself.” Use coupon code 9991511.

5) Nine SF films you should see but probably haven’t: John Scalzi, at recommends nine semi-obscure SF films. Have you seen any of them?


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