Ha, so I totally used that particular title because I like the word ‘kerfuffle’. Also – curmudgeon, rapscallion and dagnammit! But enough about that – time to bring you news from the World Wide Web!

1) Cook’s Source

So… pretty much the whole Net has now heard about Monica and her experiences with the editor at Cook’s Source – but for anyone who has remained oblivious, I bring you the full account here. This one went absolutely viral and Cook’s Source found their Facebook page inundated with complaints about the cavalier attitude shown – pretty horrendous, don’t you agree?

2) Want to Appear in a Book?

This is a way more heart-warming tale! Various authors – including Peter F Hamilton – are offering up the chance to be a named character in their books. It takes the form of an auction and all monies raised goes towards Autistica – give generously!

3) 1 Star Amazon Reviews

1 Star Amazon reviews are nothing new – there will always be books that not everyone enjoys. However, what about using 1 star reviews to show your displeasure that an ebook version isn’t available? Speculative Horizons brings us the story that this very thing has happened with the Towers of Midnight novel just released in the Wheel of Time series… It is always nice to have two sides to a story, and Fantasy Book Reviewer brings us this!

4) Making Lists is Problematic!

As Jeff VanderMeer found to his cost… He recently announced the best of 2010 list of SF/F that he prepared in conjunction with Amazon. And it created a kerfuffle (there’s that word again!) – just one of many this week. Here is a link to the discussion that kicked off on the Westeros forums.

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews

5) Thar be Pirates!

Since the rise of the Internet, piracy has become easier and more common – and, we’re finding, ebooks are no exception to the rule. The Speculative Scotsman was fired up by the news that Celine Kiernan has been the victim of piracy and urges that the news be spread.

6) A Steampunk Kerfuffle

I just can’t stop myself! Kerfuffle, kerfuffle, kerfuffle! Alright, I’ll be serious – as was the Mad Hatter when he pulled together the links to various posts in a big old steampunk bust-up.

7) Harrassment

Ouch. This one is scary. Jim C Hines brought the news that various female authors found themselves sexually harassed at WFC by a well-known editor from a major publishing house. He followed this up with a post about how best to go about reporting the fact that you’ve been harassed. I have had some great experiences at conventions, and so this news really sobered me.

8) Horror Novels

I love SF Signal’s Mindmelds, which is why I’m bringing you yet another in my linkages. This time around they are asking which horror novels are ripe to be made into movies.

9) It’s Done!!

No, not that one, the other one… I’ll let Aidan explain!

10) This winter, internet TV will finally be Un:Bound

We heard news late yesterday via a press release on My Favourite Books that the team behind Un:Bound are bringing us vidcasts – including interviews, coverage of conventions and a look at the news from the genre world.

That’s all from me – see you next week, folks!


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