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A wonderful list of the things that Kvothe has to do on the third day of The Kingkiller Chronicles. That book is going to be giiiiiiiinormous. And he’s going to have to talk like an auctioneer for 24 hours to get through all of that. Or maybe King is just a dog he runs over in a carriage.

According to Lois Lowry, The Giver is going to be made into a movie, with Jeff Bridges in the titular role. I have serious questions about how they are going to end a movie version of this. I also had pictured Jeff Bridges as Haymitch in the Hunger Games books, but that didn’t happen. I guess this is why I am not a casting agent.

Awesome things from science fiction that actually became fact in 2012.

Locus Magazine released their results for the best science fiction and fantasy novels and short fiction of all time. I’m pretty good at with the novels, but there are a lot of the short stories I haven’t read.

An excellent and humorous post on the dearth of male protagonists in YA fantasy.


Geeky book adjacent stuff that I enjoyed this week:

fantasy and science fiction book reviews

Martin Freeman trying to do a Gollum impersonation. I laugh so hard every time I watch this.

Harry Potter Sorting Hat quiz. I’m totally a Ravenclaw. I’m curious if most of our readers are Ravenclaws as well, since they are known for their intelligence. Let me know in the comments.

Which Doctor Who companion are you? I’m Rory, which basically means I’m awesome.

I’m rereading the Harry Potter books and this is the best fanvid for the movies I have ever seen. I’ve probably watched it a dozen times. It will make you feel all the feels. Just a warning.


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