In the coming weeks, if you find something interesting you think everyone should read, drop me a line via the contact form and let me know, or just post it below. Let’s get started:

fantasy and science fiction book reviews1) Darrell Sweet Dead at 77: Another icon of Fantasy has left us. Darrell Sweet may not be a name you recognize, but I guarantee you will recognize his work. Mr. Sweet created more than 3000 illustrations during his lifetime. He’s best known for his WHEEL OF TIME, SAGA OF RECLUCE, and XANTH covers.

2) Lightspeed and Fantasy Magazines Merge: John Joseph Adams combines two of his popular genre rags.

3) Rules of Magic: Io9 discusses the rules of magic that have been established by the greatest fantasy sagas of all time.

4) Salvador Dali does Wonderland: I do not need to elaborate about how awesome this is.

5) A Private Letter from Genre to Literature: Daniel Abraham says what needs to be said, and in entertaining fashion. Well done sir, well done.