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Realization: There will never be a time when I do not have lists of books that all of us want and only some of us can afford and none of us have time to read. Here’s Wilder’s Book Review’s 10 books to look forward to in 2014. Am now interested in The Incorruptibles based purely on the woodblock sexiness of the cover.

Jonathan Strahan has also recently released the table of contents for Volume 8 of The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year, and the gender, ethnicity, and even publication diversity is very much appreciated. High fives for helping to silence the old but-we’d-have-to-sacrifice-literary-quality-on-the-altar-of-political-correctness nonsense.

Oh, and there’s more feather-ruffling over the Hugos and who may or may not have ruined them.

Articles and such

Not too much on the thoughtful article front this week, except for’s new and terribly exciting column on post-binary gender in science fiction. It might even—stick with me, here—go beyond The Left Hand of Darkness.

Book Riot also ran this killer little sampling of famous literary figures and their browser histories. Except that I’m 900% sure Jay Gatsby’s would be “daisy buchanan.” Owen Meany’s (IN ALL CAPS) is just perfect though. Those who feel inspired are invited—nay, encouraged—to provide the internet search histories of fantasy and sci-fi characters at will.

Writing and publishing

But there’s lots of interesting interweb news, so:

Pretty things

Oh, so many pretty and strange things for you all. Enjoy:


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