WWW: March 16, 2011

I’m not doing a normal World Wide Wednesday today. As I’m sure you all are aware, Japan was devastated by a tsunami at the end of last week. This isn’t fantasy related, but I felt compelled to share a few links with you in support of our friends in Japan. This is list of a few pages that contain a collection of links to organizations assisting with rescue and relief in Japan. It didn’t seem like that long ago when I watched the coast of my wife’s home country of Thailand get smashed to bits in a similar fashion. The world reacted quickly and with an unprecedented amount of love and kindness. I can only hope that once again we as people on this planet can come together and help a neighbor in their time of great need. Sorry for the bummer article….

1) Survivingjapan.com: This site contains a comprehensive list of organizations that are poised to help the most in Japan. Go here.

A couple of links not listed on the above page that looked worthy of mentioning:

2) Save the Children: A worthy organization already mobilizing and assisting in Japan.

3) Americares: I really don’t know much about this organization but I like what they have to say. They do not seem to be fully set up yet, but are close.

4) Japan Earthquake: before and after: A little perspective on the extensive damage.

This picture says everything….

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  1. Good call Justin. I was just thinking it would be nice if we would acknowledge this terrible event in some way.
    I have to say the world should take note of how courageous and noble the people of Japan are as they try to cope with this disaster.

  2. My in-laws are in Japan on a mission right now. They are helping evacuate other missionaries from the worst affected areas right now, and will probably be evacuated in turn. Their stories about what they’ve witnessed have made me so appreciative of simple things like power and water and a choice of things to eat.

  3. It’s so awful for me to see what happened in Japan.
    I was visiting friends on the Seychelles during the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake. It was nowhere near as devastating as Indonesia, India or Sri Lanka, but it was horrifying nonetheless.
    It just kind of reminds you that even with all our technology we’re still part of nature and not above it.
    For me personally, even though catastrophes like this don’t necessarily have anything to do with little things like waste separation, it does remind us – in a very cruel but effective way – that this is the only planet we have and we should at least try to treat it the way it deserves.

  4. It is hard to watch people suffer, and when I feel tears on my face while I watch the news, it reminds me of what’s really important in life and how blessed I am that I have time and attention to spare for things that are enjoyable but not very important (like reading fantasy literature).

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