Thanks for stopping by. Hope you find the links to your liking. In the coming weeks, if you find something interesting you think everyone should read, drop me a line via the contact form and let me know, or just post it below. Let’s get started:

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews1) Suvudu Talks with Editor David Pomerico about Conan: Another great interview from Suvudu, and about one of my favorite fantasy characters.

2) Nerdiest Dress Ever?: There are so many inappropriate jokes I could make here…

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews

3) BattlePug!: I just want to know where to buy a pug saddle.

4) A Game of Thrones Legos: At least they are easy to decapitate.

5) Best SFF Novels of the Decade: This was posted a while ago and I missed it. Some interesting choices, all of them good. The most interesting part is how highly ranked a few went with out much support from their communities.