Right, I’m a busy little bee today, so I am breezing in and out with a very quick look at some of the posts that tickled my fancy this week – there is a more humorous tone compared to last time out, when I had such sad news to impart.

fantasy and science fiction book reviews1) Top 10 Geeky Birthday Cakes

First up, this link is a ton of fun: showcasing the top 10 geeky birthday cakes. These are just incredible – some people really do take their geekdom to undreamed-of heights!

2) Women in Science Fiction

Alright, this one is a little bit more serious – Torque Control highlighted the absence of women in science fiction in a lengthy commentary, and has invited people to pick some of their favourite books by female science fiction authors.

3) Spellbound

Over on the Tor.com site Blake Charlton has revealed the artwork (and the process behind it) for his next novel Spellbound (due out next year). Personally, I think it’s absolutely gorgeous by Todd Lockwood!

4) How Many Series Are You Currently Reading?

We all know that fantasy books tend to run to series, rather than being handy standalone novels. If you are an avid fantasy reader it is surprising how quickly those series mount up! Some bloggers have counted their current series – check out Floor to Ceiling Books, Walker of Worlds, Bookworm Blues and Steve’s Fantasy Book Reviews. And how about telling us your magic number?

5) The Nine Stages of Dating A Novel

I’m sure this link is going to be more poignant and comical to those amongst us who write as well as read, but I found it highly entertaining – a look at the stages you go through while writing a novel.

6) The News According to Brandon Sanderson

Mr Sanderson is one of the most high profile fantasy authors right now, thanks to the Wheel of Time and his own Stormlight Archives series. Consequently, we sit up and take notice when he announces news about his writing. On the other hand, we’ve sort of heard it all before where George R R Martin is concerning! Wert brings us the news on both.

7) Are You Scared?

This post made me laugh out loud – even those who haven’t read his debut novel which involves Jakob Douglas can find much to amuse them in Gavin Smith’s comparison of his protagonist to other hard men in science fiction. And do read Veteran, it’s very good!

fantasy and science fiction book reviews8) Mash-ups

Over on the Book Chick City blog, Carolyn is conducting her regular All Hallows Eve celebration – all month long she is bringing you the best in horror. Today she hosts a guest blog discussing horror/classic mash-ups – what do you think?

9) Failure

Failure is a nasty word, non? All the more surprising to find a number of authors talking candidly about their experiences with failure over on YA Addict.

10) 5 Hints You’re Surrounded By The Paranormal

Finally, let’s nip across to Grasping For The Wind to learn the 5 hints you’re surrounded by the paranormal!


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