World Wide Wednesday has returned. Sorry for the hiatus, being a secret agent makes my schedule a little hectic. There is only so many exploding shoes and smoking hot lady ninjas a guy can fit in a day. It’s been a busy news week so I won’t keep you any longer. In the coming weeks, if you find something interesting you think everyone should read, drop me a line via the contact form and let me know, or just post it below. Let’s get started:

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews1) American Gods series in the works?: I know many will wish my face to melt when I say this, but American Gods is way over rated. I liked it, don’t get me wrong. The level of adoration this book has doesn’t seem justified. Gaiman has much better stuff than this.I do admit it will make a great TV show or movie.

1) A horrible NewYorker article about George R.R. Martin and his horrible impatient scumbag fans: Legions of impatient Martin fans find happiness in ruining their favorite author’s day/life.fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews

2) An articulate well reasoned response to the above article, written by a impatient scumbag fan: Well, the nerve of this fan. He’s a fan and he sounds so reasonable and…. and… nice? But what about the New Yorker article? I’m so confused.

3) Pern goes to Hollywood: This will be terrible.

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews4) Win a Steam-punk Kindle from Angry Robot: OK they got me… this is pretty nifty.I’m looking forward to seeing the entries.

5) Here there be dragons: Oh boy…

6) Jeff VanderMeer compiles a list of quality international Fantasy and Science Fiction: Jeff has compiled a nice list of his favorite international speculative fiction.