Painted image of a woman with a blue hat, horizon in background. Image by Jean GiraudFile 770 asked SFWA to expand on the qualifications for the Infinity Award, and Rebecca Gomez responded. It seems clear to me but there is still plenty of room for discussion apparently.

The MTV Movie Awards were not live this year because of the WGA strike, but several performances “of genre interest” were nominated.

The Hollywood Reporter has an article about the strike and the issue the writers face with the studios. (Thanks to File 770.)

Guardians of the Galaxy 3 introduces a new character, well-known in the comic-book world.

YA thrillers! That’s it. That’s all I can think of to say.

The Big Idea, on John Scalizi’s blog, is in fact a collection of smaller ideas, melded together into one intriguing book; Glass Girls by Dorothy A. Winsor.

Today’s image came from Jean Giraud, a French comics illustrator and artist.

Sometimes I roll my eyes at’s “Five Books That…” (or six, eight, whatever), but this one, “Five Characters who Would Have Benefitted from Therapy,” made me laugh. And, frankly, it’s funny and true; many of our protagonists would benefit from a good counsellor. (Yes, of course, many of our literary characters would be better—and less dramatic—people with a bit of therapy.)

Melvin Burgess talks about his new novel Loki, over on Mary Robinette Kowal’s blog. He focuses one of the strangest (and my favorite) Loki stories—how Loki shapeshifts into a mare to lead away a giant’s magical stallion, and later gives birth to the eight-legged horse Odin rides.

How do you keep a ghost town ghostly? According to Atlas Obscura; Buy it, and hold poetry readings and cultural events.

Adam Savage spends half an hour with an expert at the American Bookbinders Museum, learning about the evolution of books.


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