Ahh, the end of August. When sundown comes earlier, the nights get cooler, and the thoughts of children and teens turn to school. And the thoughts of those who teach them turn to… drinking.

Sooo, FanLit fans, teachers or not, drinkers or teetotalers, what sort of drinking game related to fantasy writing do you think would be the most fun (or perhaps the most dangerous)?

For instance, let’s say I were reading a particular fantasy series and decided to take a drink every time a particular character tugged on her braid. My wife might, after not too long (really, hardly any time at all), wonder why I was suddenly giggling and having a hard time hanging onto the book in my hands.

Or maybe everyone pulls a fantasy novel off the shelf and opens to a random page: whoever finds a name with an apostrophe on that page drinks. A swallow for each apostrophes name on the page…

So how about it — as simple or as complex as you’d like to make it — let’s play! Suggest an excellent SFF drinking game. The creator of the game we like best chooses a book from our stacks.


  • Bill Capossere

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