Romantic getaways

Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop?

Everyone loves a romantic getaway!

This Valentine’s Day, we want to know where you’d like to take your sweetheart to celebrate — and the sky is most certainly not the limit. Anywhere in any science fiction or fantasy world is fair game.

As for me, I choose the Beast’s castle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. The food is superb, the dishes will sing a lovely tune to slow dance to, and afterward, there’s that library to explore!

How about you? What’s your fantasy romantic getaway?

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KELLY LASITER, with us since July 2008, is a mild-mannered academic administrative assistant by day, but at night she rules over a private empire of tottering bookshelves. Kelly is most fond of fantasy set in a historical setting (a la Jo Graham) or in a setting that echoes a real historical period (a la George RR Martin and Jacqueline Carey). She also enjoys urban fantasy and its close cousin, paranormal romance, though she believes these subgenres’ recent burst in popularity has resulted in an excess of dreck. She is a sucker for pretty prose (she majored in English, after all) and mythological themes.

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  1. It would almost have to be the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, wouldn’t it?

    Barring that . . .
    Lothlorien for the trees and peace

    Rivendell for food and story-telling and singing

    Hills of Andelain for the sense of the world around us
    (we like the outdoors if you couldn’t tell)

    Harper Hall for music, wine, food, and dragons on the wing

    The Domes of Mars. Any domes of Mars (save the ones that crack/implode/collapse, etc.)

  2. Does it *have* to be from a book? Because Hawaii would do just fine so far as I’m concerned. Aruba would work. Maybe Scotland in the summer time. I’ve always wanted to go there. Husband has no problem moving dates around. Neither do I.

    Fantastical worlds? Hmm. I’ll have to give that one some more thought. Most books seem to contain rather dangerous settings…

  3. Melanie Goldmund /

    Well, this would be easier if I were more of a romantic and my husband more of a sci fi fantasy fan, but … I’ve always thought Serifosa Dome on Komarr sounded nice.

    Darkover would be too cold for my husband, and Tatooine would be too hot for me. Cloud City would have a wonderful view, though (before the Empire arrived, of course.)

    Oh, I know! The Eyrie of Samaria (the books by Sharon Shinn.) Music and angels, what could be more romantic?

  4. SandyG265 /

    My boyfriend’s not a Sci-Fi/Fantasy fan. He’s never been out west so I’d take him to New Mexico or Arizona. Great country and I love the food out there.

  5. Sir Read-a-Lot /

    One of the Tayledras Vales from Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar series.

  6. Terre D’ange – from Kushiel’s Dart.
    The people, the beauty, the pursuit of knowledge, the embracing of Sexuality, appriciation of nature. Love it :)

  7. I would take him to “Solaria” from “The Naked Sun” – I. Asimov. It’s a beautiful and peaceful world, you don’t have to worry about doing anything… you have a bunch of robots, your only concern: enjoying life with the love of your live….

  8. Well, I’m no longer married, but in future (or if ever again), I’m thinking the Camelot in The Mists of Avalon. Since I plan to meet someone with a bookish mind, I think this would be a mutually desirable destination. :)

  9. I think Scotland qualifies as a fantastical location because of Diana Gabaldon and so many others, Maria.

  10. At the moment, a greasy spoon in Hoboken would be romantic for me.

    However, if I were wanting to travel somewhere, I think Landover (Kingdom for Sale) would be nice.

    There are many places I’d like to visit and many I’d prefer to stay away from when considering fictional places. Almost too many of interest to count.
    Beta Colony – would like to visit. Barrayar – not so much.

  11. Barbara Elness /

    I’ve been dreaming of a trip to Great Britain, especially London, for years, so I think that’s where I’d choose to take my sweetheart. But then again, a trip on Serenity with Captain Reynolds and crew would be pretty awesome.

  12. Barbara, if you live in the USA, you win a book of your choice from our stacks. Please contact Kat with your choice and a US address.

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