Rename this cover!

Ugh! It's horrible!!


It’s time again for one of our favorite games!

Please help us rename the cover of this book.

Got a suggestion for a cover that needs renaming? Please send it to Kat.

We love this game!



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  1. Rob Rhodes /

    The Fault’s in Our Spandex

  2. I can’t think of one, but it should be the poster for some kind of reality TV show.

  3. Ernie /

    Don’t know what to name this, but I do know that Tomb Raider Sandra Bullock really likes Hoff’s new Pirates of Penzance costume and Fabio wig.

  4. Paul (@princejvstin) /

    I’m not so sure you can call this cover terrible.

    • I thought about removing the word horrible. (It’s just what we usually say when we play this game.) Do you not think it’s horrible, Paul? I think it’s ghastly.

      • The artwork generally rates a C- in my book, but it’s the guy’s glowing hair, thrust-out chest and blatant crotch bulge that trips it over into the “horrible” category.

  5. Sandy Ferber /

    “Galactic Gigolo.”

  6. Rob Rhodes /

    The Mote in Blondes’s Thigh

  7. Rob Rhodes /

    The Mote in Blonde’s Thigh

    (Why do you hate grammar, Autocorrect?)

  8. Margo Hurwicz /

    “I was a Teenage Sex Slave” is my new name for this novel…& its cover.

  9. Margo Hurwicz /

    Is my new title being deleted as inappropriate? Or is my browser messing up & I just can’t see it?

  10. Margo Hurwicz /

    I see it now too. The “concept” reminds me of B movie posters & True Confession magazine covers of a certain era. I wanted the new title to evoke that era :)

  11. RedEyedGhost /

    Cameltoe’s End

  12. “Extraterrestrial Orgasm”
    maybe? or…
    “Lost in Spandex”

    • Loved the ideas you all have come up with. Actually laughed out loud.
      Thank you for that. It got me thinking…

      After sticking her finger probe into his deactivation hole, shutting down his higher brain functions, the alien queen inserted it into her earport to download the few bits of information that his hard drive might contain. After all, that model had its uses, none of them requiring much computing power.

  13. Bill Siravo /

    “Left hand when in the darkness”

  14. Melanie Goldmund /

    Tardis Trousers: A New Novel in the Saga of Clothing Slaves who need something that’s bigger on the inside.

  15. Melanie Goldmund /

    Fortunately, The Male

  16. April /

    Spandex, The Final Frontier

    I’ve been so busy laughing at the other suggestions and my internal musings on what that guy is thinking in his pain (he has clearly held that stomach in/chest out posture for so long his neck is paining him terribly) and where, actually, the woman’s eyes are looking…too much fun for actual thinking!

  17. Rob Rhodes /

    One more, with apologies in advance to Harlan Elison:

    “Relent, Harlot-Queen!” Said the Dick-Sock Man

  18. Not a title, but does the “nebula” over the woman’s left shoulder look a bit like someone in a Mickey Mouse suit?

  19. April /

    Lolita in Space

  20. Melanie Goldmund /

    Blake’s Seven-Pack

  21. I don’t know about a title, but I’m pretty sure she just asked him: “You’re planning on changing before we go to the banquet tonight, right?”

    This was right after he asked her, “Do these pants make my butt look fat?”

  22. Melanie Goldmund, if you live in the USA, you win a book of your choice from our stacks.
    Please contact me (Marion) with your choice and a US address. Happy reading!

    So many of these had me laughing out loud, but for some reason, “Fortunately, the Male,” just did it. I am a big Gaiman fan.

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