Planning a male fantasy pin-up calendar

A couple of days ago Kat talked to Patrick Rothfuss about his 2013 Fantasy Pin-Up Calendar which raises money for his Worldbuilders charity. They talked about Heifer International, art, sexual objectification, and women’s changing roles in speculative fiction. They also talked about the possibility of a future Male Fantasy Pin-Up Calendar, you know, just to be fair. ;)

So I polled a few female bloggers, asking which male fantasy characters they adore. Here are their suggestions. If you’ll leave your suggestions in the comments, you’ll have a chance to win a book from our stacks.

Prince Gareth

Prince Gareth

“The most swoonworthy fantasy male character that I’ve read about lately has got to be Greyfriar/Prince Gareth from the VAMPIRE EMPIRE series by Clay and Susan Griffith. He’s got that whole mysterious masked mystery-man dark and brooding thing going on. He is super hot (obviously), has a great sense of humor and fights like an absolute demon. The way he respects and supports his heroine (Adele) is super hot and makes him a character that is just so easy to love. Even with all his hotness he still manages to portray a sense of wonder and naiveté about the world.”
~Karissa at Karissa’s Reading Review

“I don’t usually go for blondes, but Joscelin Verreuil from Jacqueline Carey‘s KUSHIEL’S LEGACY is the perfect man. Like many fantasy heroes, he’s tall, strong, passionate and totally masculine, but what sets him apart is that he’s absolutely unwavering when it comes to sticking to his principles. He’s like a rock. But he’s got a sensitive side, too, and when he falls in love, his loyalty and devotion is just as steadfast, even when it isn’t deserved. (Also, he’s got really cool weapons and armor.)”  ~Kat at FanLit

Atticus O'Sullivan

Atticus O’Sullivan

“Tybalt from Seanan McGuire‘s OCTOBER DAYE urban fantasies is a Prince of Cats (and his name and identity seem to be taken from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, as I discovered when seeing a production of that play recently), a shapeshifter who can become a literal cat when occasion warrants. He is strong, mysterious, and very sexy.”  ~Terry at FanLit

“I adore Tybalt and Joscelin too, but I’ve just got to mention Atticus O’Sullivan from Kevin Hearne’s IRON DRUID series. He’s a millennia-old Druid with the wisdom of the ages, but looks like that adorable slacker guy we all knew in college. And he’s got an awesome dog.” ~Kelly at FanLit

Anomander Rake

Anomander Rake

“Curran Lennart from the KATE DANIELS urban fantasy series by Ilona Andrews. What’s not to love about the Beast Lord of Atlanta? A lion shifter with golden eyes, serious alpha traits, and will still cook you dinner at the end of the day.”
~Abigail at All Things Urban Fantasy

“Anomander Rake from Steven Erikson‘s MALAZAN BOOK OF THE FALLEN series. He’s smart, ancient, mysterious, a royal badass in any battle, and can transform into a gigantic black dragon. Coupled with his sword Dragnipur, the man is a force of nature. He wins my pinup calendar vote hands down.”
~Sarah at Bookworm Blues

OK, readers, it’s your turn! Who do you nominate for a Male Fantasy Pin-Up Calendar?

As usual, one commenter wins a book from our stacks.

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KELLY LASITER, with us since July 2008, is a mild-mannered academic administrative assistant by day, but at night she rules over a private empire of tottering bookshelves. Kelly is most fond of fantasy set in a historical setting (a la Jo Graham) or in a setting that echoes a real historical period (a la George RR Martin and Jacqueline Carey). She also enjoys urban fantasy and its close cousin, paranormal romance, though she believes these subgenres’ recent burst in popularity has resulted in an excess of dreck. She is a sucker for pretty prose (she majored in English, after all) and mythological themes.

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  1. I’m noticing a theme here. We like guys with big…swords.

  2. Melanie Goldmund /

    Does it count if I only noticed the character because of a movie? I never thought much about Thorin Oakenshield one way or the other until I heard that my favourite actor Richard Armitage was going to play him. Now I’m wishing I could go back in time and urge Tolkien to forget Bilbo and write The Adventures of Thorin instead!

    Okay, but seriously now. Um, I always kind of had a little crush on F’lar from Anne McCaffrey’s original Pern series. And in more recent times, I was also hoping that Richard Armitage would play Captain Will Laurence from Naomi Novik’s Temeraire books, because Laurence seemed so masculine, intelligent, and just plain sexy (just like Richard.) Guess I like guys with big … dragons. :D

    But my heart really goes out to both Tyrion Lannister and Miles Vorkosigan. Like the Tardis, they’re smaller on the outside, but infinitely fascinating on the inside.

  3. Hey, I’m not a lady, but shouldn’t Thomas Covenant be included in any calender? I thought dudes with Leprosy were the new Ryan Gosling…

  4. Meggan McQuaid /

    Ditto on Curran from the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews, but I also have to mention Cullen Seabourne and Rule Turner from Eileen Wilks’ Lupi series. Cullen is described as heart-stoppingly beautiful, the most beautiful man in the world. He’s a werewolf, a sorcerer, and and a stripper. I’d looove to see him in a pin-up calendar. Rule Turner has that tall dark and handsome thing going, plus he’s a prince. Both are completely devoted to their mates, which in itself is sexy as hell. Oh, and I also want to nominate Charles Cornick from Patricia Briggs’ Alpha and Omega series, who is a big half-native-american, half-welsh alpha wolf, and Nathaniel Graison from Laurell K Hamilton’s Anita Blake series, who has auburn hair down to his feet and is also a stripper. Yum, yum, yummy, yum, yum. I know these guys aren’t straight fantasy, but they’ve all been in a fantasy or two of mine, so I think they should count!

  5. I’ve always had a soft spot for Corlath from The Blue Sword. I don’t actually remember if he was supposed to be good looking, but he was definitely a great guy. He’s also good with a sword. :)

  6. I think this is so sexists!!!,,,uh..oh.. brb, my Hooter’s waitress needs my order. ;)

  7. sandyg265 /

    I ‘d add Adam from Patricia Brigg’s Mercy Thompson series.

  8. I totally agree with Prince Gareth! I absolutely loved the Vampire Empire trilogy!

    I think Bones from Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress series would be a wonderful addition to the pinup calendar!

  9. Jon Snow and Rob Stark from George R. R Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series! It might just be because of the actors in the tv series but they are definitely my book crushes!

  10. I have rather a soft spot for “Al” in the Hollows series (careful with the long version of that name). No sword, sadly. And there’s also the elf, Trent. And I do suspect that Atticus is very, very well served by the guy on the covers… ;)
    Incidentally, Kim Harrison is doing an on-line interview on the 30th of this month through Goodreads.

  11. Legolas, Robin Hobb’s Fool, and Hotohori from Fushigi Yugi. What can I say? I like guys who look like girls…

  12. If I’ve got to pick one, I’d have to second Tybalt from the October Daye series.

    I’d much rather have just a fantasy calendar that shows all the coolness with witches and wizards and wolves and dragons etcetera than a male pinup calendar. Not that I’ve not ogled a man or two surreptitiously in my life but I don’t think I’d want to gaze upon them constantly every day as I look at the calendar. Maybe Curran in lion form, the Morporkian Night Watch on duty, Atticus and Oberon goofing off in the desert, Smaug playing cards with Bilbo behind the scenes…I’d like something that would give me more to look at than a pretty face/form.

  13. Hmm. Beyond a few already mentioned…Trent Castanaveras from Daniel Keys Moran’s Continuing Time series. Herewiss from Diane Duane’s Tale of the Five series. Eugenides from Megan Whalen Turner’s Attolia series. Val Con yos’Phelium from Sharon Lee and Steve Miller’s Liaden books.

  14. Val Con is a definite. Actually, you could probably do a pin-up men of the Liaden Universe.

    I would also like to nominate Tarrant from C.S. Friedman’s The Coldfire Trilogy. Best anti-hero of all time.

  15. Sherry /

    I love this idea. There are so many great male protagonists to swoon over, especially in UF. I second Atticus, Curran, Tybalt, and Al from The Hollows. In addition, Trent from The Hollows, Barrons from Fever, and my all-time favorite, Terrible from Downside Ghosts ~ he is not to be missed! And how about Harry himself from Dresden?

  16. Kit Gordon /

    RIchard St. Vere from Ellen Kushner’s Swordspoint. And Rothfuss’s own Kvothe, of course.

  17. Melita, if you live in the USA, you win a book of your choice from our stacks. Please contact me (Tim) with your choice and a US address.

  18. Ashely Hughes /

    Id like to see Mat from Robert jordons wheel of time series. And Gerald tarrent from c.s Friedman black sun rising.

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