Given the recent flap over J.K. Rowling’s revelation that Hermione and Ron were perhaps not the best choice to put together in a long-term relationship (though she has since said they’d probably be OK with some counseling), Alix and I were wondering if any of us could do a better job playing Cupid this Valentine’s Week.

Alix wants to introduce Arya Stark and Kvothe, because, she says, “I never bought Kvothe and whassername for a second, and Arya would take him down a notch or two.”

As for me, I’d like to see Anomander Rake and Galadriel together. Both are so ancient that they’d have decades of conversation just talking about their pasts, and when that gets dull they can recite epic poems at each other. Both bear the burden of leadership and can share the weight a bit, though each has a bit of humor if you dig deep enough. Each has a strong enough personality to stand up to the other. When they’re tired of flying around place to place in Rake’s Skykeep, they can chill in Lothlorien and smell the Niphrendil.

Anomander and Galadriel?

Anomander and Galadriel?

So here’s your chance to play matchmaker: what two characters from different fantasy world do you think would be a great couple? You needn’t limit it to opposite genders or even same-species. And don’t forget to give us your reasons as to why you believe they’re a match made in heaven, Arda, Middle-Earth, Midkemia, Narnia, Wu…


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