I still watch my fair share of cartoons and have a deep love for them that extends from early in my childhood. One of my favorites was Heathcliff — I adored that show when I was little. I recently found some old episodes on YouTube, sure that watching it again would whisk me back to the junkyard fights and trashcan-dumping shenanigans Heathcliff was famous for. Instead, I was disappointed; the cartoon was actually quite terrible. The voices were cheesy, the animation was cheap, and the plots were terrible. How could I have loved this show so much? When did I outgrow it? I never outgrow anything — I’m still amused by MadLibs for God’s sake. But sometime in the last 25 years, Heathcliff started to suck for me.

Could the same thing happen for books I think I love? If I went back and read some of my childhood favorites, would they suddenly be terrible? I highly suspect the pun-filled adventures of Piers Anthonys XANTH series would not have the same impact on me now as it did when I was 14. There are probably many other books I should never re-read. I rarely re-read books, so  I’m turning to the masses to answer my question:

Have you ever re-read a fantasy book and wish you hadn’t?