science fiction, fantasy, horror, YA, and comic book and audiobook reviewsToday’s topic of discussion is rather simple. What is the coolest weapon you have ever seen grace the page of a fantasy story? I have a couple in mind I’d like to share:

The Speaking Gun: This weapon comes from Simon R. Green‘s Something from the Nightside. It was created at the dawn of time and is self-aware. It has the power to know the “true name” of all things, and if it “speaks” the name backward, that thing ceases to exist. There is nothing in the universe the Speaking Gun cannot kill. Not even angels or gods are safe from this weapon. The biggest drawback to using the Speaking Gun is that it will probably drive you mad when you pull the trigger.fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews

Glamdring: The sword carried by Gandalf in J.R.R. Tolkien‘s stories. Glamdring does not appear to contain any overt power other than glowing blue when Orcs are near, but you know it has to be the baddest blade in all of Middle Earth. I mean, it has survived a Balrog, dragons, wizard battles, and who knows what else? Would Gandalf carry it if it wasn’t the Middle Earth equivalent of a portable nuclear warhead?

Let us know your favorite weapon from fantasy literature. If we think yours is best, you get to choose a book from our stacks.


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