ORPHAN BLACK; ECHOES poster Krysten Ritter's face in 3/4 profile, multiple overlapping images in rainbow color. "Different story, Same DNA."Orphan Black; Echoes premiered last Sunday. The Daily Beast liked it a lotVariety, not so much. My personal observations, from the most superficial to the relatively less superficial, are: 1) Krystin Ritter is so skinny it’s distracting; 2) what the heck is a 4D printer, and 3) can they convince me the woman scientist is who they say she is?

Yahoo news shares some tidbits and interviews about the new clone show.

Neon Hemlock has a cover reveal for their We’re Here 2023 anthology.

The WorldCon business meeting agenda contains a motion to end the Retro Hugo awards.

NPR shares tips on goth gardening.

When the Ashley Madison hack happened nine years ago, I saw it as vigilante justice. Annalee Newitz’s recent article makes it stranger and scarier. AM wasn’t a “cheating site”—it was a massive bot farm, filled with artificial women.

In the category of Rich Material For Several Dozen Satires, Flat-earth conspiracy theorists will be given their own “reality show” on a streaming service I’ve never heard of, which seems… right, somehow. The article asks an interesting question… If the earth were flat (it isn’t), so what? (Thanks to File 770.)

Nerds of a Feather review Moonstorm by Yoon Ha Lee.

Some summer camps are doing away with the campfire ghost story—which seems like a horror story in itself! In related news, Atlas Obscura, who offered the story linked above, provide an article about the reasons summer camps were such good locations for teen slasher horror films.

Enjoy your summer camp experience, everyone! Here are some classic summer cocktails for you to make and sip as you’re sharing those forbidden ghost stories around your firepit.


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