Bessie Coleman, African American pilot who got her license in 1921.

Bessie Coleman, African American pilot who got her license in 1921. She was flying before Amelia Earhart was.


A scientist at Stanford has turned jellyfish bionic, with plans to turn them into living information-gathering devices. 


File 770 shares the British Science Fiction Association shortlist.

Books and Writing:

In the New York Times, Brit Marling talks about the Dead Woman, the Strong Female Lead and how speculative fiction helped her find the actual feminine.

For Black History Month, the Mary Sue shares a recommended reading list.

Juliette Wade’s debut novel Mazes of Power was released last Tuesday.

At “The Big Idea” R.W.W. Greene writes about The Light Years, and ruminates on what you choose to take, and what you leave behind.

Here is more about the Marvel Universe than I will ever need.

Juliette Wade at her book launch at Borderlands Books, San Francisco, CA.

Juliette Wade at her book launch at Borderlands Books, San Francisco, CA. By the way, she is in costume as a Grobal, the ruling caste.

TV and Movies:

The Oscars: Did you expect Parasite to win? To win so much? I certainly did not!

Some people weren’t so happy about it.

SyFy shares a spoiler-heavy discussion on the Season One finale of Netflix’s Locke and Key.

A sword-fight historian gives The Witcher a passing grade.

Smithsonian Magazine has a list of ten women whose lives would make great movies. Sorry, nine women.

Netflix has a Norwegian series that is a retelling of Ragnarok – they myth cycle, not the MCU movie.

“Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya…” A one-hour plus interview with Mandy Patinkin.

Birds of Prey did not have a good opening weekend, and now experts are going to tell us why.

Netflix unveils the second season of Altered Carbon.


This cross-species buddy-video went viral. It turns out that it’s not so unusual for badgers and coyotes to hunt together. What makes this one so charming is the excited play-bow the coyote gives when it sees the badger coming. The article is interesting.

Brianna Wu discusses the hack of two of her accounts during her campaign for Senate.

“The people at Hershey were really excited about maple bacon, but they couldn’t get the texture right.” Apparently, the Hershey Kit-Kat universe is vaster and stranger than I knew.


The Forestiere Underground Gardens in Fresno, Ca, are modeled on catacombs seen by the owner in Sicily in his youth.


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