Leanna Renee Hieber at Word BookstoreToday I’m turning it over to Leanna Renee Hieber who wants to talk about one of her favorite bookstores, Word in Brooklyn, New York. Our own Kelly Lasiter is a big fan of Ms. Hieber’s (read Kelly’s reviews of her work) and is looking forward to her new young adult series, Magic Most Foul. which begins with Darker Still, releasing on November 1. You can follow Leanna Renee Hieber and her work at Leanna Renee Hieber’s website, Twitter and Facebook.
Word Bookstore“Leanna Renee Hieber here, author of the award-winning, bestselling Strangely Beautiful saga and the upcoming Magic Most Foul saga of Gothic Victorian Fantasy novels. I’m thrilled to feature WORD Bookstore in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York City.

Why I love WORD is that they cater to every reader’s taste, regardless of genre.

They celebrate books of all stripes and colours, and they treat authors wonderfully with exciting in-store events and special personalized pre-order opportunities, like they’re offering for my new YA Gothic saga set in 1880 New York City, beginning with Darker Still: A Novel of Magic Most Foul.

So not only can you pre-order the book, but get one signed for yourself or someone you think might enjoy a spooky Gothic paranormal tale full of mystery, intrigue and magic — fantasy book reviews Leanna Renee Hieber Magic Most Foul 1. Darker Stillthe holidays are coming up and a book personalized and signed by the author is always a unique gift!

Plus it’s a great way to support an awesome, community-involved, community-beloved independent bookstore!”

Readers and authors, if you’d like to tell us about your favorite independent bookstores, please contact Kat.


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