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It is interesting to read older fantasy novels and see how the genre has grown and evolved. Thomas K. Martin published Magelord: The Awakening in 1997, and it feels dated.

Bjorn Rolfsson is a young hedge-wizard. In a time when people who can use magic are hunted down and burned alive, he and his father are part of a hidden, secretive group, called a Circle, who teach each other to use magic. I felt like I was reading about early Christians under the Roman Empire, where being exposed was a sure death. There are many different groups who have been persecuted like this throughout history, but that was what jumped into my mind.

Gavin is the son of the King of Ryykvid and a decent enough guy. He is trying to do what is right, but he has a problem: one of the Magelords, the former rulers of the world who destroyed each other and almost the world too, has been discovered and has taken over the King’s mind. Gavin is desperately seeking another mage who can help him free his father from the influence of his new adviser.

Martin’s writing style is adequate. I was not swept away by the story, but he didn’t bore me to tears either. Some of the plotlines just felt like well-covered ground, even if the Magelords and the hidden community of the Circle were somewhat innovative. The best part of the story was the reaction of the nobility of the lesser clans in Reykvid when they are betrayed by the ruling house. The willingness to stand together against tyranny by an overreaching king was noble and struck a real chord with me.

Magelord: The Awakening is just an average fantasy novel. I am not really interested in reading further books in the series, because what I found here was not special enough to draw me away from other books that are out there. It’s not a bad book, but lacking anything really special can be the kiss of death for a series as well.

Magelord — (1997-1999) Publisher: Around the fires, in the cold of winter, the old tales of the Time of Madness are still told. Tales of MageLords, sorcerers near godlike in their power, who looked upon ordinary men with contempt. Who were still feared and hated — until now.

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