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I could not bring myself to finish Domes of Fire. I stopped somewhere towards the end and thought “why am I wasting my time?” This book is another repeat of the Eddings “gather a group of characters and send them on a long journey” formula, and I just could not do it again.

I can’t give a synopsis, because I didn’t finish it, but I don’t really need to. The plot is the same as everything else that Eddings had written up to the time that this series was done. The narrative is almost pure dialogue with no description at all, and the dialogue is repetitive beyond belief. I got the strong impression that Eddings really was milking his name for all it was worth, because there was nothing redeeming about Domes of Fire at all. Sparhawk even stopped being Sparhawk. The characters just started to run together in a gluey, non-distinctive mass, and I could not go further.

Do not read these books unless you are a die-hard David Eddings fan and you have a particularly forgiving heart.

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The Tamuli — (1992-1994) Sequel to The Elenium. Publisher: Danger stalked Queen Ehlana’s realm. When an ambassador from the far-off Tamul Empire begged for help, Sparhawk, Ehlana’s champion and Prince Consort, was the Emperor’s last hope. For surely the knight who had killed the evil God Azash could prevail against the terror in Tamul. But waiting for him was a glittering court seething with corruption, treachery — and the greatest danger Sparhawk would ever face!

David Eddings The Tamuli: Domes of Fire, The Shining Ones, The Hidden City David Eddings The Tamuli: Domes of Fire, The Shining Ones, The Hidden City David Eddings The Tamuli: Domes of Fire, The Shining Ones, The Hidden City