WWWednesday: May 20, 2020

Shorefall CoverGiveaway:

I ended up with two hardcover copies of Robert Jackson Bennett’s Shorefall. I am giving one away to a commenter chosen at random. Please note that it helps to have read Foundryside, which is Book One in the series, first. Here’s our review of it, and here’s Bill ‘s review of Shorefall.


Premios Kelvin is awarded for excellence in works translated into Spanish. The finalists have been announced.

File770 highlights some more crime fiction awards.

Gatherings, or not:

Scotland’s Wigtown Book Festival will go online. I didn’t know there was a Wigtown Book Festival, but Wigtown is Scotland’s National Book Town. Does the USA have a book town? I can’t tell but I did find this cool article.

Books and Writing:

The Washington Post has a nice article about audio book narrators. These focus on classic and modern general fiction books of note but the points Katherine A. Porter makes in it translate to genre.

Thanks to File 770 for pointing to these videos from Orbit Books, which also pair a cocktail with new releases. Cheers!

Judith Tarr knows a lot about horses, and it’s plain she loves them. At Tor.com, she posted a column on foaling. Wow, eye-opening!

The New England Science Fiction Association (NEFSA) is offering discounts on many books. (H/T to File 770.)

File 770 also shared this image of a masked reader!

Nerds of a Feather reviewed The Book of Dragons, an anthology edited by Jonathan Strahan.

Black Girl Nerds highlights crowdfunding for an SF novel called Farima. It sounds like a good story.

Locus Magazine reviews a Kate Wilhelm collection, acknowledging that during her lifetime, despite her achievements in the field, she worked in the shadow of her more famous husband, Damon Knight.


408 footprints in the fossil record give us a visceral insight into how Pleistocene Era hunter-gather societies worked.

Conspiracy theorists have attacked telecom towers in various US states, notably Tennessee, based on the idea that 5G cell networks transmit the novel coronavirus.

This interesting recipe uses 2 lemons and two cups of sugar. I thought, “Wow,” but you use every part of the lemon except the seeds.


Kotaku’s Stephen Totillo shares lots of info about the upcoming Assassin’s Creed game, Valhalla. They had me at the artwork.


Here is an overview of Google Chrome’s tab grouping feature. Somebody must need this.


Carly Simon’s Oscar and Grammy winning song “Let the River Run.”

You know how you were going to take up a new hobby, or learn to play an instrument, during the pandemic? Well, here’s one, the lithophone.

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  1. Foundryside was so good. I have been looking forward to Shorefall. Great review, too.

  2. Noneofyourbusiness /

    The premise of the “Foundryside” books sounds interesting. It’s similar to what my friend Lisa described about a book with an empire and deposed gods, but that was in 2017.

    • JustAnotherDude /

      Me too – I wound up buying it but haven’t picked it up to read yet. Looking forward to it

  3. Margo /

    Excellent review! A few less positive reviews have passed before my eyes lately, but I refuse to let them discourage me, since I am an unapologetic Bennett fan.
    In one I read that one key element is missing from most of Shorefall, but I assume there’s a good reason for that.
    I’d love to have a hard copy of this book, to keep my hard copy of Foundryside company… it still thinks it’s a standalone, but eventually must find out it has a new sibling. Not a twin, though. Bennett can’t be accused of writing the same book twice :)

  4. Lady Morar /

    We always need more dragons!

  5. The Distinguished Professor /

    I’ve enjoyed the SFF Equines columns!

  6. John Smith /

    The Robert Jackson Bennett books are amazing, and I think the cover designs are gorgeous!

    –I had to look at the recipe for the lemon pie! I’m sort of addicted (although I don’t eat them often enough) to certain Indian sweets. For example, Soan Papdi is the world’s best dessert!!! It’s basically solid sugar and butter, with some pistachios, but the texture is flaky and basically incredible!!

  7. I love lemon pie! :D And the home confinement has made us better bakers. I’ll give the recipe a try.

  8. Sethia /

    I have Foundryside and absolutely love lemon pie!

  9. Margo, if you live in the USA, you win a copy of SHOREFALL!
    Please contact me (Marion) with your US address and I’ll have the book sent right away. Happy reading!

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