Thoughtful Thursday: Fantasy Casting Agent edition

First off, congratulations to Franziska for winning last week’s knock knock joke competition. Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to send books overseas right now, but feel free to contact me and tell me which book I should read next. I look forward to your choice.

Okay, so I’ve been surfing around the internet a bit and I stumbled upon a most disturbing rumor. You probably know that Hunger Games is being turned into a movie.  Well apparently, the rumor is that Alex Pettyfer and Jennifer Lawrence are being considered for the leads of Peeta and Katniss.

Ummmm, what?

If you are not familiar with these actors, take a gander:

fantasy and science fiction book reviews fantasy and science fiction book reviews

I’m sorry, but I just don’t see it. He’s too pretty and too old, and she’s too delicate. Also, I never thought of Peeta as built, ya know?  You can tell this guy has muscles in a head shot.

My personal preference would be to cast unknowns, like they did with the Harry Potter movies. Hunger Games has enough of a fan base that you don’t have to worry about names to carry the launch. But, assuming you have to go with established actors, these are not the two I would go with.fantasy and science fiction book reviews

How about Hailee Steinfeld for Katniss?

Even in a princess dress, I still get the impression she would punch you in the face if you tried to steal her purse. Also, she did True Grit, so you know she’s got the survival chops. Plus, she got an Oscar nod, so she’s good.

And for Peeta.  Hmmmmm. I’m past the age where I know good teenage boy actors, so the only one who springs to mind is Chord Overstreet. I still think he’s a bit too pretty.

fantasy and science fiction book reviews

And Haymitch has to be Jeff Bridges.

What do you think? If you were in charge who you cast? And what about the minor characters? Lisa Edelstein or Kristin Chenowith for Effie?

What about Rue? Or Cinna?

Post links for suggestions and we’ll see if we can collectively do better than Hollywood.

First person to suggest Taylor Lautner for Gale or Robert Pattinson for anything gets their library card confiscated.

We’ll randomly select a commenter to get a book from our stacks.

Okay, time to start casting!

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  1. Oh, Hailee for Katniss and the Dude for Haymitch, hands down. It’ll be a veritable True Grit reunion.

  2. I don’t really have any casting ideas but this: “First person to suggest Taylor Lautner for Gale or Robert Pattinson for anything gets their library card confiscated.” Made me very happy!

  3. I haven’t read the books yet. But I’m with Allisyn – one literally looks like the walking dead and while the other one is hot without his shirt on, I’d rather watch Hugh Jackman without his shirt on :D

  4. I haven’t read the books, but aren’t those characters supposed to be young teenagers? Those two actors are way too old for that.

  5. While I can’t think of any particular actors or actresses that I’d like to see cast in those roles, I do agree that the ones rumoured to be chosen are, well, bad. They don’t even look like Hollywood teens, and quite frankly, I’m tired of parts being cast according to how pretty people are as opposed to how well the actors actually fit the parts they’re being cast for. If we’re going to have style, can we have style with substance, please.

    And yes, totally cast some unknowns the way the did in the Harry Potter movies. It’s not like prospectives don’t have to go through auditions and won’t be coached, after all, and it might give some newcomers a great shot at success and a chance to build their careers, if that’s what they’re gunning for. Stop going with the tried-and-true and start trying instead. I’d love to see some unknowns get their shot in this movie.

  6. Andrew /

    I agree with all the above. Katniss is supposed to be a gritty underdog. Tall, attractive, blue-eyed and blonde isn’t exactly the underdog look (no offense to any who fit that description). Besides, she’s too old.

    Think about it. It’s like casting Hayden Christensen as Harry Potter back in 2001. Hayden was an attractive, up-and-comer who acquired some critical praise for “Life as a House”. But that doesn’t mean he should have been cast as Harry Potter.

  7. I agree that the first two for Peeta and Katniss are off. I am also in accordance with using unknown names to play the main parts. This book is big and I think it’ll only keep blowing up that they need to cast correctly.

    Hahaha- I had to laugh when I seen the image of Jeff Bridges- I CAN TOTALLY SEE IT! =)!!!

  8. Actually, having seen Winters Bone–I’ve got no problem with her in this role (if you’ve seen it, you’ll know “delicate” doesn’t describe her, or have to at least)

    the Peeta guy, though, seems not so much Peeta-like. How old is that kid from The Road by now–that’s a good apocalyptic film.

    all for the Dude as Haymitch. Or Robert Duval.

  9. pockiiee /

    I disagree that the choice of Jennifer is bad – that girl can act.I saw Winter`s Bone. She was fantastic and deserved the academy award nomination. Despite this pretty picture, she can play poor and tough. I`d rather someone who can act than someone who looks the part perfectly.

    Alex Pettyfer is in that recent Beastly movie and looks a lot younger in it, haven`t seen that one- but the male lead is still yet to be confirmed.

  10. Razor70 /

    I think my pick for Katniss would be India Eisley from Secret Life of an American teenager. I just think with her attitude, that she would make for a good Kat.

    As for Peeta, I think would be Matthew Lewis who played Nevill in the Harry Potter movies. The thing about these two would be, they aren’t really well known actors, but still would carry the names of two well known series with them.

    Haymitch would have to be Jeff Bridges hands down, it’s whom I always picture when I think of him while reading the books.

  11. Pockiiee wins the giveaway! Please choose a book from our stacks and contact Kat.

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