Thoughtful Thursday: Two Towers

No, not those two towers, I have two copies of Towers of Midnight. Two copies signed by Brandon Sanderson. And because I am a nice person (well, actually because Tor is so generous) these are copies for me to give to you, dear readers. fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsDo you want a copy? We’re going to run two different contests, one for each book.  All you have to do is answer the following question(s), and make sure to check back next Thursday evening when we announce the winners! We’ll pick our favorite answer for each question, so if you answer both, you have two chances to win.

1. Which saidar/saidin power would you most want to have, and why?

2. Which WOT plot line do you most want to see wrapped up, and why?

I expect a lot of great comments, so I’m sure this will be a hard one to judge.  Good luck everybody.

later edit
: I originally said that the books were signed by both Brandon Sanderson and Harriet, but we’ve just heard that Harriet was not able to attend the signing. They are signed by Mr. Sanderson.

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RUTH ARNELL (on FanLit's staff January 2009 — August 2013) earned a Ph.D. in political science and is a college professor in Idaho. From a young age she has maxed out her library card the way some people do credit cards. Ruth started reading fantasy with A Wrinkle in Time and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe — books that still occupy an honored spot on her bookshelf today. Ruth and her husband have a young son, but their house is actually presided over by a flame-point Siamese who answers, sometimes, to the name of Griffon.

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  1. I always wanted to have that dream-walking power that some of the girls develop–isn’t there a bracelet or something that activates it? Or was that just if you didn’t already have the power to begin with?

    Oh, and Travelling would be terribly convenient. Visualize the place you’re trying to go, and ta-da! Easy commute. ;)

  2. 1: Traveling, hands down. I would love to be able to make a gateway and step through to anywhere on earth. How cool would that be?

    2: Honestly, Rand’s blood on the rocks of Shayol Ghul. It’s not that I don’t like him, I’m just curious to see how–or eve IF–he gets out of that one.

  3. I haven’t read one of the WOT books in quite a while, I was waiting for the series to wrapup. So these may be a little vague.

    1. As a man with the maturity of a middle schooler, I have to say Balefire. Having a power that is so destructive it is scary to use is just awesome.

    2. I wish Matt and that Seachan lady would just get on with it and fall in love. Although her calling him her “toy” always makes me chuckle.

  4. 1. Which saidar/saidin power would you most want to have, and why?
    I would say healing would be pretty cool. to be able to help people by healing them would be awesome!

    2. Which WOT plot line do you most want to see wrapped up, and why?
    Lan is pretty bad ass so I want to see what becomes of him. Hoping that he finally accepts his fate and raises the Golden Crane!

  5. Melissa /

    1) The mirror weave to change your appearance. That could come in handy (and has, many times, for both the Light AND Dark in the books.)

    2) I can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen to Padan Fain. Will his corrupt mashup of various evils be the next age’s big bad after the Dark one is put away for good? Will he and Shadar Haran have a one-on-one duel? Will he be the Gollum to Rand’s Frodo? What’s going on with his zombie trollocs? I must know!

    (And Jason Michelson, Rand doesn’t necessarily need to be the one to “get out of that one” in terms of the blood on the rocks prophecy. There are a number of characters who can be considered Rand’s blood, or spill it, without being Rand himself. Food for thought.)

  6. 1). Which saiden/saidar power and why?

    I would select Delving (nyeave’s wilder ways!). Think about it… In our world, you could heal most anything? a. you’d be doing good b. you could charge for it and be a Trillionaire (um excuse me, can you get rid of my leprosy, here’s a million, i have migraines, here’s a million, etc.

    2). Which WoT plot line do you most want to see wrapped up, and why?

  7. 1. I would most like to have the ability to move things around with weaves of Air. This way I could impress my wife by sweeping, doing dishes, and picking up clutter all from the comfort of the couch.

    2. I want to know what happens with Tuon and Mat ruling the Seanchan. Aviendha’s visions really make me wonder what is going to happen with those two.

  8. Gregoria /

    1) Traveling. I could go anywhere, anytime. That would be so awesome, in so many ways.

    2) The Aiel and what happens with them. I love them, but that set of visions Aviendha had freaks me out.

  9. 1) Definetly all of Egwene’s powers, to be able to Dream walk would be amazing. To talk to other people from afar and visit their dreams. Or get trapped in a dream with someone you loved and spend your nights in bliss whenever you wanted, I think feeling less restful would be a welcome feeling if I woke up with a huge smile on my face cause I spent it snuggling, etc with someone I was crazy for…lol….Also, to be able to fall asleep at will, dream the future and discern what was happening to people and yourself would be extremely useful. I would love to be able to fall asleep riding on a horse if I wanted, or during a particularly boring conversation…lol… I LOVE SLEEP! And I would be ready for whatever was coming my way because I had my own warning system with the dreams! Probably could make a buck with the prophetic dreams too! kidding…kinda… lol

    2) I want Moraine back! And I want to see if she and Tom hook up… that letter seemed quite personal that she wrote pre-“death” She said once that she likely knew the face of her husband/love more than the other girls or something like that… and I want to know for sure who it is!


  10. 1. This may sound simple but I would have Saidar’s healing in a heartbeat. The things that Nynaeve learns and continues to do with healing, it would be amazing to cure people!

    2. I remember one of min’s viewings in Lord of Chaos that’s been bugging me ever since. She say’s:

    “When you two were together, I saw those fireflies and the darkness stronger than ever. But with the two of you in the same room, the fireflies were holding their own instead of being eaten faster than they can swarm, the way they do when you’re alone. And there’s something else I saw when you two were together. Twice he’s going to have to be there, or you… If he’s not, something bad will happen to you. Very bad. It will happen if he is not there, but nothing I saw said it won’t because he is. It will be very bad, Rand.”

    Since then, I’ve yet to find out why but while Perrin parts ways with Rand (e.g. saving Faile and after), Perrin keeps hinting that he really needs to get back to Rand. So, I like to believe that Perrin will somehow play an important role in Rand’s final battle…

  11. Allison B. /

    1. I would want Healing. I hate seeing people in pain and I hate being in pain. Enough said.

    2. Lan has always been a favourite character, because of his tough personality and interesting past. I am curious what will happen to him, and wonder if he will ever become some sort of king with his Malkieri heritage.

  12. Michael /

    I think that the saidin/saidar ability that would be best to have would be the ability to travel. Being able to just open a gate to anywhere would be awesome.

    The plot line I’d like to see finished the most would be Rand’s polygamy. Those three women are all very powerful in their own right, and seeing how that power could be combined, possibly against Rand, would be very interesting to read about.

  13. 1. Which saidar/saidin power would you most want to have, and why?

    Just one weave? Traveling. It’d be more than handy, and I could play real-life Portal anytime I wanted.

    2. Which WOT plot line do you most want to see wrapped up, and why?

    The Black Tower. There’s some crazy stuff going on there, we finally got to see first-hand things that were hinted at back in the early books, and it looks more and more like Logain will be the one to deal with it all. It’s going to be an epic battle over an extremely vital resource.

  14. Ty Margheim /

    1. Bonding. To be able to have such a strong link with another person and to have that link strengthen and enhance their abilities and senses would be great.

    2. Even though it’s a new plotline as of this book, I’d have to say Aviendha’s flashforward. Nothing else to this point should give the readers as much apprehension about the future as seeing what becomes of the Aiel.

  15. Sharon Holmes /

    1. Which saidar/saidin power would you most want to have, and why?

    The ability to heal for sure – I have many friends that are disabled, and even though I have MS and would not be able to heal myself, I certainly would like to improve the quality of life for anyone and everyone I could.

    2. Which WOT plot line do you most want to see wrapped up, and why?
    Rand’s answer to the question – how do I survive the Last Battle? To live you must die – I have a ton of ideas about what that means, and I can’t wait to see what happens! The nice thing about the WoT series – they move around enough to keep you interested in all the puzzles.

  16. 1. Which Saidar/Saidin power would you most want to have and why.

    That’s tough, seeing as there are so many that we don’t know of. What the Aes Sedai can do now is but a fragment of what could be done during the Age of Legends.

    But if I had to choose I would go with the ability: Compulsion. It’s wicked I know, but if I were a Darkfriend I would be able to manipulate anyone and under mind the entire foundation of the world, and if done properly, I could end up being a Forsaken.

    2. Which WOT plot line do you most want to see wrapped up, and why?

    I want to see, Padain Fain’s plot come to a close. Why? Because I think he is something darker and more evil than even the Dark Lord himself. He’s someone that is even planning to take out the Dark Lord himself.

    That’s EPIC just waiting to happen.

  17. David McKay /

    1. Which saidar/saidin power would you most want to have, and why?
    I think I’d have to say the ability to be able to do a quick air weave gag, to stuff in someones mouth when they won’t shut up would be very handy to have sometimes.

    2. Which WOT plot line do you most want to see wrapped up, and why?
    I would like to see what happens to the Two Rivers folk, after the final battle what will they do?? Just go back home and carry on as before?/ Or will their lives be so completely changed that they won’t be able to go back. Also looking forward to Morraines ending, she was their in the beginning, and I hope she’s there in the end.

  18. 08896405066018410724 /

    1. Which saidar/saidin power would you most want to have, and why?
    Saidin – Using it to make power wrought weapons would be so cool and helpful for the last battle.

    2. Which WOT plot line do you most want to see wrapped up, and why? Mat and Tuon – because I love all the scenes involving the two of them.

  19. Minevendha /

    1. Saidar ~ I would like to have Traveling, I don’t know anyone in real life who has read the full series, but I know heaps of people online that have (they are my best friends now), but we all live so far apart from each other, I would like to visits some of these friends and even take them to Jordancon in Atlanta next year.

    2. WoT plot~ This has been bugging me for like EVER!!! Where on the Dark One’s Blistered Backside is Demandred, I love speculating on this and have changed my mind several times, well everytime a good theory comes up. At the moment, my bets are on Shara.

  20. 1. Rather than any particular weave, I think I’d like to be very skilled at using Air. It may not be as destructive as Earth, Fire, or Water, but I think it would be infinitely more useful – suck the air out of a fire and put it out, blow away water, you can solidify it to bind, gag, or even make a (physical) shield, you could maneuver projectiles in flight, etc.

    2. I agree with Karl above – I am dying to see how Lan’s storyline turns out. He seems fated for an heroic death, which is why I think RJ won’t have plotted it that way (fingers crossed*).

  21. Don’t sign me up for the free book. But I would choose healing so long as my wife could have traveling.

    The plotline I’ve been most interested in since about book 4 or so is Matt’s. If I had to pick one plotline to follow that would be it. And can I just say that I am very grateful that these last two books have made such tremendous forward progress in resolving all of the various plotlines. Brandon Sanderson is to be commended.


  22. 1. Which saidar/saidin power would you most want to have, and why?

    I almost wanted to say I want to be able to travel. But then I remembered how Egwene traveled from one place to the other pretty quickly by using TAR. So I totally want to be able to enter TAR at will, waking and sleeping. I love how everything you imagine becomes reality. Actually, I love everything about dreams. So yeah, dream walking, totally.

    2. Which WOT plot line do you most want to see wrapped up, and why?

    The Black Tower. That just has to be epic. The place has so much potential, but solving the plot has been put off too long, causing the Black Tower to disappear from the books almost completely. Man, I miss the times of Dumai’s Wells

  23. 1. I’d love to say Dreamwalking, but that’s not related to the Power. I think I’d take Compulsion. Sure, it has plenty of inherent potential evil, but there’s also the potential to do plenty of good. Compel people who want to give up smoking to not smoke, or prevent people with self-harming tendencies from carrying them out, and dozens of other uses. And of course, to eventually take over the world.

    2. The Seanchan! Will the Dragon Reborn kneel before their Crystal Throne and become their slave? How exactly is he going to bind the Nine Moons? What about their collaring of any woman who can channel? I want to know how they’re brought to heel!

  24. 1. Traveling. Then I could go eat lunch in Athens and dinner in Tokyo.

    2. I want to know what becomes of Lanfear. Who’s side is she really on?

  25. 1. Which saidar/saidin power would you most want to have, and why?
    Healing, simply because I like helping people and to ease pain or suffering is something I always try and do.

    2. Which WOT plot line do you most want to see wrapped up, and why?
    I actually love the whole thing and couldn’t chose but it would be nice to know the end of Lan and Matt’s stories in the saga as they are my two favourite’s in the books.

  26. Gregoria, we are waiting to hear from you — you’ve won TOM (announced in the next week’s Thoughtful Thursday post). Please email me at kat [at] fantasyliterature [dot] com

    David, thanks for contacting us — your book is on the way.

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