So here we are coming up on Valentine’s Day and thoughts, and media posts, turn to love. One of the ones we came across recently was that standby list of traditional anniversary gifts…

Of course, our thoughts, as they’re prone to do, turned immediately to wondering what would those gifts be like in some of our favorite fantasy/sci-fi worlds?

Sure, those early gifts would probably be pretty similar (paper for the first year, wood for the fifth, tin for the tenth), but what about the gifts for those oh-so-special anniversaries celebrating an impressively enduring love/bonding? What would be the equivalents of our culture’s silver (25th year), gold (50th), and diamond (60th)?

We’ve provided one possible list from Middle-Earth (we decided to stop at 60 despite knowing that some characters live centuries or more).

Middle Earth Anniversary Gifts:

25th Anniversary:
A gem from the Glittering Caves

50th Anniversary:
A crystal flagon of Ent-draught

60th Anniversary:

Any ideas from other universes?

And to get you motivated, one random commenter will receive these lovely earrings created by chainmail artisan Lauren Braden. These intricate chainmail earrings dangle in a graceful Elfweave pattern of icy blue and silver. Measuring approximately 0.5 inches wide by 2.5 inches long, they are made from light, anodized aluminum rings that will not rust or tarnish, and won’t stretch out your earlobe with excess weight. They come in a pretty gift box.

You can follow Lauren Braden on Twitter (we do) and visit her Etsy shop (we do that, too).


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