Usually I come up with my own topics for this column, but I had a question posed to me by our reviewer Justin that actually made me snort I laughed so hard.  Those are experiences that should be shared, and so I’m turning his question to you:

You’re dead. Your deity of choice has granted you a new life in any of the fantasy realms published to date. Which do you choose, and in what ways will it horribly disappoint you once you actually arrive there?

example: You arrive cold and naked in Narnia, and are immediately clubbed through the brain by a talking badger.

The answer that either makes me cry or shoot milk out my nose in laughter will earn the submitter a book of their choice off of our stacks!

As for me, I’d wake up in Valdemar, only to discover that I was a mage and would be driven crazy by all the little spying spirits if I stayed.