Reading Sandy’s Shocktober reviews got us talking about scary movies and scary scenes. We were trying to determine which was the scariest movie we’d ever seen.

Marion: The first movie scene I remember being scared by was the Flying Monkeys scene in The Wizard of Oz.(I think I’m not alone there.)

I was going to say that Aliens was the scariest movie I’d ever seen, and it is scary, but then I remembered 1963’s adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House (The Haunting). The black-and-white film relied heavily on its excellent cast to create a sense of growing dread. That scene in Eleanor’s and Theo’s bedroom, where something is crying, and the camera stays trained on Eleanor’s face… Eleanor is grateful that Theo is holding her hand, but Theo begins squeezing so hard it hurts… only it’s not Theo! That scene still gives me chills.

Bill: So many choices! I can definitely remember as a young kid being terrified by two TV shows of all things: the made-for-TV movie Don’t be Afraid of the Dark (the most vivid scene for me is the woman being dragged away by the little creatures) and the Trilogy of Terror episode with the living doll. But in terms of theatrical films, it’s a battle between The Exorcist (which I inexplicably saw with my sister in the theater at age 11) and Halloween. After watching that with the gang at a friend’s house, one of the girls refused (understandably) to walk home alone through a few backyards to her house. Nobody volunteered until I, playing all “no big deal” did, and I kept up that façade all the way to her house, past the swaying big pines, the looming above-ground pools, etc. Soon as she was in the house and I turned back, I sprinted back as fast as humanly possible — perhaps the fastest I’ve ever run in my life. I waited to go back down the basement until my breath came back to me of course — I had an image to uphold after all.


So readers, what scene freaked you out the most in a movie? What is the scariest movie you’ve seen? Please share below. One random commenter with a USA address will get a book from our Stacks.


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