One of the things we’re always getting excited about here at FanLit is the emergence of new talent in speculative fiction. Every time a publicist writes to tell us about a debut author, we huddle together to read the press release, look around at each other, and start to mumble: “Is this the Dragon Reborn one we’ve been waiting for?  The next King or Queen of Fantasy Literature? Someone who will reach down and lift us out of the wretchedness of our miserable mundane lives?Jesse Bullington

Alas. Usually no. But over the past couple of years we have read some authors that we’re getting pretty excited about, though we don’t all agree on who they are.

Personally, one of my favorite new-ish authors is Jesse Bullington. He’s rude, foul, disgusting, and warped. I love him for that.

How about you? Which SFF author who’s debuted in, let’s say, the last 3 years, looks really promising to you, and why?

As usual, one commenter gets a book from our stacks.